Choral Audition Information

Choral Auditions 2017
November 18, 2017 @ Upper Merion High School
435 Crossfield Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Choral Auditions are an 8 AM start time

2017-2018 Audition Material

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2017 Audition Rep:

  1. Adrian Batten, O, Sing Joyfully – O_sing_joyfully_Batten
  2. W.A. Mozart, Laudate Pueri, K339 – Ws-moz-laup

Piano Auditions Requirements:

  1. CantiquedeJeanRacine-Faure
  2.  Scales:  two hands – four octaves, parallel motion:  Major scales, and Natural and Harmonic Minor scales, up to four sharps and four flats.  Students will play two scales chosen by the judges.
  3. Arpeggios:  two hands – four octaves, starting in root position:  Major and Minor, up to four sharps and flats.  Students will play two arpeggios chosen by the judges.



Checkpoint Reminders about Auditions
1. The SPONSORING DIRECTOR must be a current paid member of PMEA.
2. The SPONSORING DIRECTOR must be the primary music teacher in your area on your campus. (Example: A Private Instructor or English Teacher cannot sponsor one of your students to PMEA Festivals).
3. The SPONSORING DIRECTOR must be present and participate at both auditions and the festival (should your students be accepted). Assignments are determined by the host.
4. The STUDENT must be in good standing and an actual participant within your program/school in order to be eligible to participate. The only exception is where a school lacks an organization. Directors must come to this determination on their own. We can  help guide you, but ultimately, District 11 does not make this determination.
5. There is very little room for absences at the actual festivals. Please have a candid conversation with your student in advance about festival dates. If a student accepts a festival and then drops after acceptance due to foreseen circumstances, there will be consequences against the student for future PMEA events.

More Information including SUBMITTABLE “Windows of Opportunity” and Instructions will be available soon.

Questions please contact Mary Lynne Peters- PMEA All- State Festival Coordinator