PMEA District 11
Festival Scholarship

The Scholarship:

1.Three $500 awards (one each for band, orchestra and chorus) are to be given to three deserving high school musicians, as selected by the PMEA District 11 Executive Committee.
2.A check will be issued directly to the student after the completion of the first semester of higher education for tuition, the purchase of music, books, or other educational needs.
3.A certificate of recognition from the District 11 Executive Committee will be given to the recipients.

Candidate Criteria:

1.Candidates must be majoring in Music Education.
2.The candidate must have participated in one of the three District 11 Music Festivals (Band, Orchestra, Chorus) during their senior year.
3.The candidate must be a senior currently enrolled at a high school in District 11.

Application Process:

Fully completed applications are to be returned to the District 11 Vice President in one envelope by Friday, April 13, 2018. A complete application consists of the following:

1.Completed Application form with appropriate signatures.

2.A letter of recommendation from your high school director(s) for each area you would like to be considered (band, chorus, and/or orchestra). Each director must be a current member of PMEA/MENC.

3.A letter of recommendation from your high school principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, or private music teacher.

4.A copy of your High School Transcript

5.A brief essay (less than 500 words) on a separate sheet of paper describing the importance of music education, your future ambitions, and career plans.

6.A copy of your College acceptance letter that verifies your acceptance for the study of Music Education.

Mail To:

David Bachart, PMEA District 11 Past-President/Technology
New Hope-Solebury High School
182 West Bridge Street
New Hope, PA 18938
Phone: 215-896-9061

Selection Process:

1.The Executive Committee will meet and consider all facets of the application and select three individual recipients. Interviews will be held as deemed necessary. Students can apply for more than one scholarship, but can only receive one award.
2.Any member of the Executive Committee having his or her own students as applicants shall not participate in the selection process. The District President will assign a substitute.
3.The District 11 Executive Committee reserves the right to withhold a scholarship if none of the candidates meets the listed criteria.